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Web Tools

Task Manager

The task manager keeps your company on track, allowing you to quickly delegate tasks, generate reports, track progress, and more.

Registration Management

pro.NET's Registration Management System allows you to take control of all aspects of the administration of your event, including secure online registration, attendance reports and financial statements.

Hotel Reservation System

pro.NET's fully customised reservation system can be easily integrated into any website, providing your customers with an accurate, secure and easy to use method of booking accomodation at your property.

Time Tracker

Our Time Tracker provides a powerful yet simple means to track hours and cost over multiple projects. The modular design of the Time Tracker allows you to add and remove projects, tasks, and resources as well as set access restrictions for users. The user reports are perfect for contractors.

Phone Directory

The Phone Directory is designed to replace the printed-on-dead-trees phone directories used in many corporate environments. Paper phone directories can be very expensive to produce and need to be updated frequently to be of any use. The Phone Directory on the other hand costs nothing to modify, it takes only moments to add, modify or delete an entry.

Wine Inventory System

A very unique tool, the Wine Education and Inventory system is an electronic listing of all wines currently in stock at your bar or restaurant that can be browsed by your customers using a tablet PC at their table or online prior to their arrival.


The online forum allows user's to interact with one another. Support for restricted access and moderation is included. The forum can be customized to use your logo and company colors.

Content Management

pro.NET's content management tool is an easy way of producing professional looking web content with no knowledge of HTML programming.

Shopping Cart System

pro.NET provides a range of secure, reliable and easy to use shopping cart systems for use on your site.

Travelling Email

Access your Email from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

pro.NET's Travelling Email service allows you to use any computer with internet access to send and receive email through an easy to use web portal.
Hit Tracker

Over the years we have deployed and used many hit logging and reporting products. Currently we provide a very comprehensive logging and reporting package for many of our hosting clients.

However, many people have different, more targeted needs. We have developed the Hit Tracker as a light-weight, modular and easily-deployable solution to any website traffic logging requirements.

Many reporting systems log every page, image, and request leading to a set of reports that can be practically useless as a result of it's scope. This system has been designed to log only the pages that you wish to log, thereby giving you more streamlined results.

Feel free to contact us for more information.
Lead Tracker

The Lead Tracker is designed to provide a nucleus for a company's sales department and an overview of expected sales for executives.

The system provides a listing of all sales leads with the ability to categorize the type of lead by their intent to buy. The system is customized to include your products and services and includes an area for a running journal of conversations. The system allows a salesperson to log into the Lead Tracker on a daily basis and view the leads that they need to follow up on.

Key features include:
  • ability to set up follow-up times
  • daily listing of leads to follow up on
  • daily listing of leads that were missed
  • report of the top leads
  • ability to categorize leads by their intent to buy
  • a running time stamped journal of notes
  • projected sales for a specified time period
  • projected commissions
  • security through username password authentication

Survey Generator

The Survey Generator allows you to quickly create and deploy online surveys. The survey results are stored in a database and basic reports are generated automatically. Result data can be easily imported into Microsoft Excel for more comprehensive reporting.

Key features include:
  • View the survey as you build it
  • Enable and disable surveys instantaneously
  • Embedding a survey in your existing web site is as easy as cutting and pasting a single line of code
HTTP File Transfer System

The file transfer system is designed to be a robust, web based solution that allows businesses to easily create password-protected file sharing systems.

It is designed so that a non-technical person can administer and maintain file transfer accounts. The system will allow for multiple accounts to be created each with their own secure file sharing area. Each area is to be private and cannot be seen by another user.

Key Features:
  • Easy for users
  • Accessible from any machine on the web
  • Is accessible from any machine on the web
  • Available 24 hours a day seven days a week
  • Has username and password protection
  • Only software required is a web browser
Who will benefit from this system:
Anyone who transfers large files over the Internet. Including:
Architects, Engineers, Graphic Designers, Print Companies, Accountants, Designers, Sales Managers who distribute Marketing Material worldwide, Companies with Regional offices, Businesses who need a common place to share information and many many more.