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HTTP File Transfer System

The file transfer system is designed to be a robust, web based solution that allows businesses to easily create password-protected file sharing systems.

It is designed so that a non-technical person can administer and maintain file transfer accounts. The system will allow for multiple accounts to be created each with their own secure file sharing area. Each area is to be private and cannot be seen by another user.

Key Features:
  • Easy for users
  • Accessible from any machine on the web
  • Is accessible from any machine on the web
  • Available 24 hours a day seven days a week
  • Has username and password protection
  • Only software required is a web browser
Who will benefit from this system:
Anyone who transfers large files over the Internet. Including:
Architects, Engineers, Graphic Designers, Print Companies, Accountants, Designers, Sales Managers who distribute Marketing Material worldwide, Companies with Regional offices, Businesses who need a common place to share information and many many more.