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Lead Tracker

The Lead Tracker is designed to provide a nucleus for a company's sales department and an overview of expected sales for executives.

The system provides a listing of all sales leads with the ability to categorize the type of lead by their intent to buy. The system is customized to include your products and services and includes an area for a running journal of conversations. The system allows a salesperson to log into the Lead Tracker on a daily basis and view the leads that they need to follow up on.

Key features include:
  • ability to set up follow-up times
  • daily listing of leads to follow up on
  • daily listing of leads that were missed
  • report of the top leads
  • ability to categorize leads by their intent to buy
  • a running time stamped journal of notes
  • projected sales for a specified time period
  • projected commissions
  • security through username password authentication